real-time supply chain management

Made easier & more transparent

CropTrak helps you make more informed decisions, increase financial returns, and reduce your risk. Leverage more than a decade of passion and experience for remote data collection, intuitive design, and best-in-class data security to support your unique business needs.

But we get it—how can you know for sure? Well, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. Contact us about a real-world demo using one of your current processes and let us show you how we can turn your toughest data problems into increased productivity and profitability.


real-time visibility & management of your entire supply chain

CropTrak’s no-code enterprise solution covers every aspect of your business – from grower contracting, field monitoring, product delivery, QA, and payments – and everything in between while seamlessly weaving together the story of the crop, contract, ESG, and agronomic practices.

By using configurable software that is blockchain-ready, our customers can define and deploy optimized workflows in hours or days instead of weeks or months compared to traditional custom-coded software.

CropTrak’s supply chain customers have eliminated thousands of hours of data and process auditing for contracts and payments – resulting in significant efficiency gains internally and improved supplier relationships.


CropTrak is flexible – you can replicate your unique processes.

It’s also compatible with third party CRM, ERP, FMIS, and analytical systems.

We also made it easy to configure so your team can adapt it to evolving business realities over time without the need for custom coding or costly IT services.

Our solution allows you the freedom to collect, analyze, verify, and report with whatever tools and in whatever configurations work best for your business.


Save time, reduce risk & make better strategic decisions