Using External GPS devices with CropTrak

Our iOS devices are amazing bits of technology that place a very powerful computer in our hands. One of it’s abilities is to triangulate our location by bouncing signals off cell towers to place our location within 3 meters or so. But what if three meters isn’t close enough, or you’re in a location without cell service (or bad cell service)? The answer is an external GPS unit.

Unlike iOS devices which triangulate off the closest cell tower, GPS units determine our location by tying into GPS satellites in geosynchronous orbit. And there’s a LOT of them up there. So no matter where you are in the world, you can find your location – usually to within one meter. If you’re doing detailed measurements, this make a big difference.

Apple has made it incredibly simple to use an external GPS device with iOS devices. You can use pretty much any GPS device that either connects directly via lightning connection, or via bluetooth. Connect to your iOS device per the manufacturer’s directions, and your iPhone/iPad will automatically use the measurements from those connected GPS devices instead of the internal measurements from your iOS device.

CropTrak is designed to record location data based on whatever tracking info your iOS device is set to use – so you don’t have to do anything in CropTrak to use an external GPS device once your iPhone/iPad is connected to it.

CropTrak has created a detailed set of “how-to’s” on our support portal which explains everything related to connecting to an external GPS including affordable examples of devices that our team uses in the field. You can access the support article on that here.

As with all things CropTrak, don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any questions you might have about this cool feature!

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