Get the right information, at the right time, to the right people


Is it user friendly?

With multiple departments across your company entering and accessing information, you need a platform that is user friendly for everyone.

Yes! CropTrak is user friendly.  10+ man-years of user-interface (UI) and user-experience (UX) expertise has gone into CropTrak mobile and web tools to make them easier to learn, operate, and be successful.  Lowering deployment and support costs.  Maximizing user adoption and success.


CropTrak enables administrators to customize the platform to multiple user roles easily. Everyone has custom collection and dashboard tools while still sharing data seamlessly across numerous historical data silos (departments, suppliers, customers).

Does it work securely off the grid?

The time to record information does not always conform to current connectivity challenges.

Utilizing a tool that is mobile-friendly, secure, and available offline allows your team and suppliers to capture data whenever and wherever they want, regardless of the available connectivity.


CropTrak’s intuitive platform works on offline mobile devices and online web, making real-time data collection with validation simple regardless of location.


Does it adapt to your particular business?

To effectively use data to make better decisions, the platform needs to both control incoming data based on your business model and reporting needs, and then turn that data into actionable information formatted for your departments, suppliers, customers, and regulatory agencies.


CropTrak allows you to configure the platform with no coding experience necessary – enabling you to readily change processes and data management as business needs dictate and evolve.