CropTrak benefits are:


  • Requires no coding experience;
  • Replaces paper, spreadsheets, and legacy software;
  • Optimizes field monitoring, grower contracting, and grower payments;
  • Compatible with legacy systems;
  • Stores audit data in a tamper-proof digital ledger cloud;
  • Create customizable workflows;
  • Supports global and custom measurement units; and
  • Deploys in multiple languages and localizations.
Bean pods on a tree
Two women in a field using CropTrak on iPad
Two women in a field using CropTrak on iPad


The CropTrak platform consists of multiple software modules that optimize the collection and presentation of sourcing data such as:


  • Admin modules to manage users, data, forms, and access;
  • Native mobile applications for iOS and Android phones and tablets;
  • Web application for Chromium web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.); and
  • Interfaces with equipment, weather, scales, soil monitoring IOT and 3rd party calculators (e.g. Cool Farm Tool).


FLEXIBILity for YOUR UNIQUE business


Our web administration tools allow you to easily customize forms and reports, manage data collectors and users with work flows, and choose how data is presented.

  • Personalizes the forms and interface for users and their devices;
  • Establishes data types and customize collection forms;
  • Assigns assets and resources per user, role, and location ; and
  • Manages user access to data.


CropTrak allows you to easily customize how data is collected, formatted, and stored to meet unique business needs.

  • Requires no coding experience;
  • Adjusts to changing regulatory or market reporting requirements easily;
  • Customizes to meet customer-centric data needs;
  • Connects to existing 3rd party ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle);
  • Configures by language, location, and task; and
  • Enhances the processes your team already knows to increase adoption and use.
CropTrak Admin on Macbook

Croptrak Mobile

It’s mobile with or without the internet


Our mobile app is designed from the ground up to assure secure, accurate and consistently structured field, crop, and contract data in real-time.

  • Collects real-time data from multiple locations through direct entry, API interfaces, and IoT-enabled equipment;
  • Creates, assigns, and tracks work
  • Includes multiple language support;
  • Captures and reports labor and equipment time;
  • Allows online or offline data collection and calculation;
  • Supports user-specific custom data forms and filtered data;
  • Customizes measurements, languages, and currency; and
  • Enables cloud collaboration, consolidation, reports.


The platform works on web and mobile devices making data collection simple regardless of location or language.

  • Intuitive app-based interface is compatible with mobile tablet and phone devices;
  • Ideal for coordinated activity and observation data collection;
  • Deploy globally;
  • Not dependent on internet connectivity; and
  • Easily verify user, data, location, date-time, and weather conditions at time of data entry.
CropTrak on Iphone and Ipad

Croptrak Web

secure and Reliable Web tools


CropTrak allows seamless management and monitoring from field to office/lab and back.

  • See executive, manager, and user dashboards, reports, and data exports;
  • Enter and edit data online;
  • View user-friendly Excel-like data; and
  • Allows manual and automated emails and FTP export.


CropTrak leverages its history in delivering military solutions to offer industry-leading data security.

  • Built by innovative GIS software; designers with a proven military design background;
  • Protects data integrity and continuity;
  • Secures sensitive data with confidence; and
  • Verifies source of data entry.
CropTrak Worklist showcased on Mac

Internet of Things (IOT) Interfaces


CropTrak interfaces with internet of things (IoT) feeds from leading partners to automatically capture data and enhance reporting.

CropTrak Leading Partners
CropTrak Partners John Deere Geosys AquaCheck