Data Solutions that Deliver Better Results

Data is paramount in the world of agriculture today. The collection, management, extraction, analysis, and access of data continues to be an ongoing challenge for enterprises within the agricultural industry. That’s where CropTrack comes in. We deliver customized solutions that assist agriculture-related enterprises as they collect, use, and report data.

Mobile Capabilities – Collect Reliable Data Anywhere

Within agricultural enterprises, the importance of freshness is understood. Produce that is left too long or handled improperly may be damaged or lost completely. In the same way, data that is not recorded in a timely manner or which is handled carelessly may not be reliable or accurate. CropTrak’s mobile capabilities enable data to be entered immediately at the point of collection. Even in remote fields without internet connectivity, data can be collected offline and automatically uploaded when a connection is restored. This reduces the need for paper systems, which are inefficient and prone to more errors. Furthermore, our system produces auditable data by collecting verifiable details such as the time and location of data entry, the person entering the data, and even the weather conditions at time of entry. In short, CropTrak makes your data more reliable and trustworthy.

Secure Platform – Protect Data from Loss or Breach

Data is a valuable commodity in today’s economy. Agricultural enterprises use data to ensure and validate the safety of food products, to verify adherence to traceability, sustainability, or labelling requirements, and to make informed and effective decisions. These important responsibilities and many more demand that data is protected from loss or breach. CropTrak delivers industry-leading security. With a development history in military software, we understand the importance of security. By utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are able to offer our customer premiere data accessibility and totally reliable data security. In short, CropTrak protects data and ensures its complete security.

Flexible Options – Customize Data Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Large agriculture organizations have complex needs that are often unique to each entity. Therefore, an off-the-shelf solution for data collection, management, and reporting rarely fits the exact needs of any one business. CropTrak is flexible and completely customizable to individual needs and situations. With a foundation that is tailored to the agricultural world, variations to the platform can easily be made. Whether modifications are needed to align data collection systems with internal processes or to adjust data reporting to satisfy external governance requirements, these changes can be made without any coding experience or reliance on internal IT resources. In short, CropTrak customizes your data so that it works for you.

Global Functionality – Integrate Data from All Over the World

The world of agriculture has changed over the past few decades as it has become more interconnected and interdependent on components from all over the world. In this kind of interrelated world, data must have the ability to be shared and used globally and to transcend the limitations and colloquialisms of local data. One of the benefits of using CropTrak is our ability to bring data that is not necessarily collected in a uniform manner together in a standardized platform. CropTrak’s system is available in over 20 languages and dialects to accommodate users no matter where they are located. Additionally, metric and imperial conversions are automatic. In short, CropTrak takes data from all over the world and integrates it into one system for easy access and reporting.