CropTrak allows users to easily customize how data is collected, formatted, and stored to meet unique business needs.

  • No coding experience needed
  • Immediately adjust to changing regulatory or market reporting requirements
  • Customize to meet unique customer data needs
  • Plugs into ERP systems
  • Customize by language and location
  • Automatically enters and converts units of measure
  • No burden for IT departments
  • Easy adoption by data collectors


The map-centric platform works on mobile devices even when internet connectivity is unavailable, making data collection simple regardless of field location.

  • Intuitive app-based interface
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Ideal for coordinated data collection
  • Collect accurate real-time data
  • Easily deploy across geographies around the world
  • Not dependent on internet connectivity
  • Eliminates the need for inefficient paper forms
  • Can verify user, time, location, and weather conditions at time of data entry


CropTrak leverages its history in delivering military solutions to offer industry-leading data security.

  • Built by innovative GIS software designers with a proven military design background
  • Doesn’t burden IT resources
  • Protects data integrity and continuity
  • Designed to never lose data
  • Secure sensitive data with confidence
  • Verify source of data entry