New features in CropTrak Web 2.2

Beginning in 2010 CropTrak created one of the first iOS mobile apps to help farmers securely collect field data so that they could fill out all their required regulatory and compliance paperwork.

Since then our award-winning app has matured into a multi-faceted enterprise tool used by Fortune 500 companies in over 50 countries and on over 70 crops. These companies use CropTrak to not only collect field data but also manage employees, equipment, assets, and buy commodities while manually and automatically collecting every aspect of the crop and operation data. This allows employees, managers, and executives to track and report on sustainability, traceability, food safety, and efficiency.

In early 2018 CropTrak debuted the next piece of the data-driven puzzle – how to easily understand all your data without being a data analyst. The answer was CropTrak Web – a web-based reporting and analysis tool specifically designed for agriculture, not data analysts. It’s goal – to take all the field data collected with our Apps and make it easy for the manager and C-suite executives to get a big picture (or detailed picture) take on the health of any facet of their organization.

CropTrak Web 2.2! Today we’re proud to release CropTrak Web 2.2 the next step towards our goal of helping you better understand your data which features a number of significant new enhancements including:

  • View & Edit Forms (enterprise customers only) – ultimate transparency is not just seeing black box aggregate results on a dashboard. Therefore CropTrak lets you drill all the way to the original data entry forms to view individual entries and correct any found mistakes.
  • Fill out a new form (enterprise customers only) – start work at your desk and finish in the field, or the other way around, with the new data entry forms in the web tool. 
  • Web Map Annotations – control what layers are displayed including map annotations.
  • FIV Tables are now public – Combine multiple forms of data into one excel-like table using FIVs.  Then use the new table as you would any form to broadcast, populate reports, and export data.
  • Export to email, XLS, FTP – you don’t need special SQL skills to search, manually export important data to your desktop once or create automated daily exports to employees/managers via emails and other 3rd party systems by FTP.
  • Image-based Search – It is said a picture holds a thousand words of information.  Visually pick an image and the tool can direct you to the collected data from any part of the season associated with the asset in the picture.

We’re Just Getting Started! When we debuted CTWeb, we promised that it was just the beginning of our efforts to help you understand your data. Based on our initial user’s experience as well as our beta-Enterprise teams, we have hired more web engineers and kept working to make CTWeb even better. For example, for data entry, our goal is to make our web tools just as easy to use as our mobile app meaning if you can do it on the app, you can and already know how to do it in CTWeb. These are just some of the new features in CropTrak Web. As with all things CropTrak, we will continue listening to our customers so we can build and improve on both our Mobile App and our new Web-based tool. Contact your sales representative for a tour of CropTrak Web’s new capabilities or to inquire about becoming a beta-Enterprise member.

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