Need Supply Chain Forecasting?

Do you know what you need to fulfill your capacity plan and when you need it? 

In the first article in this series, we looked at the power of our new flexible workflows in planning effortsThis week’s discussion addresses how CropTrak’s suite of tools assist you in forecasting throughout the growing season  

The Power of Dashboards

CropTrak gives you the power to build Demand Planning Dashboards that answer those all kinds of questions. For example, the Planning Compliance dashboard (above) answers all kinds of questions, including Target CapacityCapacity Utilization, and Demand Utilization 

Among other things, this data lets you determine Capacity UtilizationTotal Planned Acres, and the Total Acres Required to Meet Capacity – useful data that tells a story about your organization’s past, present and future performance.

CropTrak’s new dashboards make it easy to visualize analytics at every step of the growing process – from initial planning through delivery of the raw product. Reduce human data errors by embedding your business rules and let CropTrak help you get ahead. 

Never let inaccurate or missing data shut you down again! 

Coming Up Next

Stay tuned for next week’s discussion where we will explore digital contracts between growers and suppliers, and how CropTrak’s tools help you improve partner relationships.  

Contact CropTrak to learn more about how our tools can be the answer to your demand planning & need forecasting efforts. 

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