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Aaron Hutchinson - President / Co-Founder

Aaron has been CropTrak’s President since its inception in 2009 and has led the company’s transition from the early beginnings of a grower-centric mobile application to a global, enterprise-wide platform solution.

Aaron grew up in the farming communities of Central Florida with a long family history in agriculture. But once he graduated from high school, Aaron left for the bustling central Florida high-tech corridor and the University of Central Florida (UCF). After completing his BS in Computer and Electrical Engineering, Aaron began working in the burgeoning Military Modeling and Simulation (M&S) industry, mastering the skills he would need to lead companies through digital transformation challenges.

After co-founders successfully sold their last company to a billion-dollar aerospace corporation, Aaron and co-founder Richard Clark put their efforts into starting Cogent3D, Inc. dba CropTrak. The lessons learned at their previous company in developing core terrain generation solutions for the defense industry fostered the success of the CropTrak platform.

By leveraging requirements from the defense industry for security, stability, mobility and performance, CropTrak was able to enter at the cusp of an emerging industry with a head start on what it would take to succeed and at the same time as Apple’s iPhone and later Apple’s iPad.

Richard Clark - Vice President Engineering / Co-Founder

At CropTrak, Richard leads the innovation and development efforts across all product platforms, combining research and development, software architecture, design, and engineering expertise to the entire product development team.

As one of the original founders of CropTrak, Richard has extensive experience in leading engineering teams and organizations to advance product roadmaps and support customer success in all types of challenging situations and industries. Richard’s history spans decades of engineering team leadership and software engineering experience across organizations such as NASA, the U.S. military, and defense industries as well as commercial ventures.

Richard received his BS in Computer Science from UCLA.

Wayne Lundeberg - Vice President, Support and Deployment

Wayne joined CropTrak in 2016 after more than two decades in executive leadership roles including CEO, CIO, COO and Vice President in various industries, including industrial manufacturing, software, computer information systems, and military defense. Wayne has been an adjunct faculty member of the College of Information Systems and Technology and the School of Business at the University of Phoenix for over twenty-four years.

Wayne joined CropTrak as a program manager and in a short period of time has transitioned to managing the program and business intelligence teams as well as the deployment and support teams, which have more than doubled since his arrival. He continues to work on strengthening the product training portfolio for customers to better enable their success, and he continues to build world-class support and business intelligence team to better enable global and strategic support for the growing CropTrak user community.

Wayne received his BS in Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Shawny Marsden - Director, Contracting and Solution Engineering

Shawny joined CropTrak in 2013 after more than 15 years in software development and leadership roles at organizations in the telecommunications and military and defense industries. Prior to her software development career, Shawny worked in the film and entertainment business as a sound editor, working with digital audio workstations where she honed her skills in computer and software engineering.

When she first started at CropTrak, she was tasked with managing the efforts of a newly awarded government contract, but within a year had successfully transitioned to leading the support and deployment teams. She now heads the sales operations and technical sales support teams with a focus on the strategic growth of the organization led by Jonathan and Aaron.

With a background in process improvement and a history of leading companies through successful organizational improvement initiatives (ISO, CMM/CMMI), she brings strong change management influence to the CropTrak team as well.

Shawny has studied Computer and Information Science at the University of Maryland, Programming at Valencia College, Contract Management at Villanova University and Geography at the University of Florida.

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