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Track and Present the Data that Matters Most

If your enterprise relies on the capture, verification, and reporting of farm-source data, you need CropTrak.



Improving Data Visibility

For enterprises reliant on agriculture production for their business success, data visibility is critical. Agriculture supply chains are complex and data rich. Farmers, lenders, buyers, agronomists, input providers, processors, insurers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, investors, regulators and NGOs all have an interest in how food flows from field to fork. Inputs, acreage, livestock head, yield, and quality have always been important business metrics, but today’s environment has grown even more complex. The Food Safety Modernization Act, demands from NGOs, consumer trends toward greater sustainability and transparency, and customer and investor verification requirements are increasing the need for greater data visibility along the supply chain.

CropTrak is a platform that offers companies the flexibility to track the data that matters most to their business for improving efficiency and maintaining freedom to operate. Our ledger-based, map-centric platform provides for dynamic form creation in a digital environment, eliminating the inefficiencies of paper processes and Excel spreadsheets. The CropTrak platform serves as a central, standardized repository for all ag supply chain related data.

Insight for Financial Services Companies

The CropTrak platform saves time and improves accuracy for companies offering investment, loan, and insurance solutions that rely on sound, auditable agronomic, food safety, regulatory compliance, and sustainability data. Whether monitoring assets under management or verifying insurance claims, CropTrak provides the real-time, on-farm data necessary to improve returns, expand product portfolios and enhance customer experiences. Contact us to learn more.

  • Maximize farmland investments
  • Verify inputs, acreage, head of livestock and yield
  • Design new products and policies
  • Identify and mitigate risk


Rest easy knowing CropTrak was designed by GIS software designers with proven military data security expertise.




Customer Profile: Del Monte Foods Your Success Defines Ours
At CropTrak, we are committed to delivering the enterprise software solution you need to track the data that matters most to you. But what’s important to you may be different than what’s important to another corporation. That’s why we don’t measure our success based upon the number of acres being tracked or user licenses sold, or any other arbitrary metric applied equally to everyone. Instead we consider ourselves successful when you achieve the objectives that your company is pursuing. Because that’s what matters to you.
The Benefits of Working With CropTrak Improve Verification, Reporting, and Business Decisions
The solution to improving farm-source data capture, management, verification, and reporting is not more paper and printed spreadsheets. CropTrak replaces the need to fill out paperwork, speeds data collection and ensures all relevant data is captured chronologically in a single, tamper-proof ledger. Collecting data electronically saves time and improves accuracy because there is less chance for manual error.
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