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Track and Present the Data that Matters Most

If your enterprise relies on the capture, verification, and reporting of farm-source data, you need CropTrak.



Improving Data Visibility

For enterprises reliant on agriculture production for their business success, data visibility is critical. Agriculture supply chains are complex and data rich. Farmers, lenders, buyers, agronomists, input providers, processors, insurers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, investors, regulators and NGOs all have an interest in how food flows from field to fork. Inputs, acreage, livestock head, yield, and quality have always been important business metrics, but today’s environment has grown even more complex. The Food Safety Modernization Act, demands from NGOs, consumer trends toward greater sustainability and transparency, and customer and investor verification requirements are increasing the need for greater data visibility along the supply chain.

CropTrak is a platform that offers companies the flexibility to track the data that matters most to their business for improving efficiency and maintaining freedom to operate. Our ledger-based, map-centric platform provides for dynamic form creation in a digital environment, eliminating the inefficiencies of paper processes and Excel spreadsheets. The CropTrak platform serves as a central, standardized repository for all ag supply chain related data.

Crop Protection & Seed

CropTrak supports business decision-making and ensures compliance standards by improving data visibility for personnel at a variety of levels within the crop protection and seed industry. Sales, agronomy, product development, and research professionals can extract real-time, in-field data to support business decisions and ensure compliance with internal and external standards. With CropTrak, there’s one central data platform capable of delivering consistent, standardized data to all relevant internal decision-makers, and for in-field personnel, the application can be customized to meet unique data collection needs with no coding required. Contact us to learn more.

  • Adapt to changing market needs and growing conditions
  • Fine-tune agronomic recommendations
  • Fulfill contractual reporting requirements
  • Verify regulatory compliance


Rest easy knowing CropTrak was designed by GIS software designers with proven military data security expertise.




Customer Profile: Del Monte Foods CropTrak Enables Field Gate to Dinner Plate Accountability
Food distributors and retailers are increasingly requiring more information on farming inputs and the traceability of raw materials. This requires a solution that allows for convenient in-field collection of data in specialty and conventional crop fields and the ability to connect with processing and warehouse systems to actualize data to support reporting, traceability, and compliance needs. For the Vegetable and Tomato Divisions of Del Monte Foods, that solution is CropTrak.
The Benefits of Working With CropTrak Improve Verification, Reporting, and Business Decisions
The solution to improving farm-source data capture, management, verification, and reporting is not more paper and printed spreadsheets. CropTrak replaces the need to fill out paperwork, speeds data collection and ensures all relevant data is captured chronologically in a single, tamper-proof ledger. Collecting data electronically saves time and improves accuracy because there is less chance for manual error.