Commodity Origination & Processing


Track and Present the Data that Matters Most

If your enterprise relies on the capture, verification, and reporting of farm-source data, you need CropTrak.



Improving Data Visibility

For enterprises reliant on agriculture production for their business success, data visibility is critical. Agriculture supply chains are complex and data rich. Farmers, lenders, buyers, agronomists, input providers, processors, insurers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, investors, regulators and NGOs all have an interest in how food flows from field to fork. Inputs, acreage, livestock head, yield, and quality have always been important business metrics, but today’s environment has grown even more complex. The Food Safety Modernization Act, demands from NGOs, consumer trends toward greater sustainability and transparency, and customer and investor verification requirements are increasing the need for greater data visibility along the supply chain.

CropTrak is a platform that offers companies the flexibility to track the data that matters most to their business for improving efficiency and maintaining freedom to operate. Our ledger-based, map-centric platform provides for dynamic form creation in a digital environment, eliminating the inefficiencies of paper processes and Excel spreadsheets. The CropTrak platform serves as a central, standardized repository for all ag supply chain related data.

Commodity Origination & Processing

For companies that buy, handle, condition, store, and process agricultural commodities, CropTrak digitizes complex and often paper-centric processes to collect on-farm data to track the origin, volume, quality, and content of raw materials. Easily customizable with no coding expertise necessary, the CropTrak platform can be the central repository of data necessary to optimize the timing and execution of purchases and mitigate risks. Contact us to learn more.

  • Track crops from planting through harvest
  • Verify origin, volume, and quality from fields around the world
  • Satisfy customers’ labeling, traceability, and sustainability reporting needs
  • Identify and mitigate financial and business continuity risks
  • Seamlessly adapt to varied or changing reporting requirements


Rest easy knowing CropTrak was designed by GIS software designers with proven military data security expertise.




THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY FOR MAKING INFORMED DECISIONS Knowing what You Need to Know on the Journey from Farm to Table
On the journey from farm to table, many datapoints factor into the information you may need to know if there is a breakdown in the supply chain. For example, if the weather is causing a grower’s crop to mature more slowly or makes it more challenging to harvest, you need that information at your fingertips so you can secure supply from an alternate source.
The Benefits of Working With CropTrak Resolving the Complexity of Data Collection and Analyses
Record keeping has transitioned from pencil and paper to simplistic computer programs to large databases. Yet today’s digital workflow has to go beyond basic record keeping. Multiple data points, captured from various sources, are constantly interacting with and impacting the information you or your customers need to know. This requires more than a spreadsheet or a logbook. If your business enterprise is experiencing an inability to efficiently collect data when you want, how you want, or where you want, you need CropTrak.
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