Did You Know? Use MyJohnDeere Data in CropTrak!

Easily Use MyJohnDeere Data in CropTrak!
Come find out how at InfoAg 2017, July 25-27, Booth 32

CropTrak will be at InfoAg 2017 from July 25-27 at Booth 32 talking about new developments to our app including how the CropTrak Enterprise framework now interfaces to the MyJohnDeere cloud, enabling automatic retrieval of MyJohnDeere data into CropTrak.

CropTrak does all the work!! 

  1. Login to your MyJohnDeere account from inside CropTrak to start data analysis tools in CropTrak. 
  2. CropTrak processes the field data for acres, rates, totals, and automatically fills out forms. 
  3. CropTrak then stores the converted tractor data in your organization’s CropTrak database as measurements (attributes) and external references (geometry) for use in-app and in reports. 


  • Use MyJohnDeere (and other equipment manufacturer’s) data in CropTrak
  • Scout planting and harvest zones
  • Print plant and harvest filings
  • COMING SOON! – Follow progress in the new CropTrak developed Web Reporting Dashboards.

To learn more contact the CropTrak Sales Team


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