Did You Know? CropTrak: Know More About Your Data

CropTrak: Know More About Your Data
Come find out how at InfoAg 2017, July 25-27, Booth 32

CropTrak is designed to support any tractor feed (and indeed any IoT/IoP data stream) using common analysis workflows and color neutral interfaces. The first tractor APIs supported under this analysis system are MyJohnDeere and Farmobile. Both of these products collect point data every few seconds as tractors cross the fields. CropTrak analysis then lets you ask questions at any level of the field about those points.  Take for example the plot below which shows yield by soil type and average moisture by soil type for a field.

Need spatially detail analysis?

CropTrak lets you do more analysis and walk your fields with the data like

  • Yield by Soil Type (see the above graphic)
  • Moisture by Soil Type
  • Yield by Slope
  • Yield by Variety, etc.


  • Use MyJohnDeere (and other equipment manufacturer’s) data in CropTrak
  • Scout planting and harvest zones
  • Print plant and harvest filings
  • COMING SOON! – Follow progress in the new CropTrak developed Web Reporting Dashboards.

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