Did You Know? CropTrak’s InfoView (FIVs)

CropTrak’s InfoViews
A powerful way to look at & compare recent data,
and generate quick in-app mini reports!

InfoView excel-like displays are a powerful way to review, compare, compute, and export local data from within CropTrak mobile without having to go to an external reporting solution. InfoViews are an end-user-definable and flexible way to track complex data across multiple fields and farms; such as growing degree days, irrigation, plant dates, variety placement, etc.


InfoViews work by pulling information from the local mobile database allowing you to make mini reports, if you will, using data from one or several forms.  Once in the infoview, you can combine them with math routines, accumulated values over time, schedule text alerts, colorize the map, export what you see to excel, and much more.


Unlike an external reporting solution, InfoViews don’t require that you have WiFi access – but to present the latest data you should sync.


Infoviews have several main functions:


  1. See your data in tabular excel display
  2. Color your map assets with Infoview data (dates and values)
  3. Auto-generate “sticky legends” called “pins” to alert things have happened (or not happened) in your fields
  4. Export Excel view to excel for use in other systems

For more information on FIVs, go to CropTrak’s Support Portal to see a detailed written explanation complete with graphics.

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