Did You Know? CropTrak’s Form Value Dump Reports

CropTrak’s Form Value Dump Reports
A quick & dirty reporting solution from within CropTrak Forms!

CropTrak has a quick & dirty reporting solution available within forms themselves – Form Value Dump Reports. Form Value Dump is a skeletal report that you can create out of any of the forms that you have in your organization’s database. From the form itself it allows you to take everything you’ve filled out on a form and email or print a PDF document listing all of your form item values along with the location of the measurements and the user’s name. 

Form Value Dump becomes handy

  • When the user filling out the form wants to alert other users in the organization to the results that they find when filling out the form.
  • Or a customer who needs the information today and can’t wait for a formal report to be generated thru the normal reporting solutions.
  • Or maybe you just want to let your boss know you’re doing your job…

Note that you DO NEED INTERNET CONNECTIVITY (WiFi) in order to complete a Form Value Dump.

For more information on FIVs, go to CropTrak’s Support Portal to see a detailed written explanation complete with graphics.

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