Did You Know? CropTrak’s Data Entry History Tool

CropTrak’s Data Entry History Tool
Review and edit forms that have been saved via the Data Entry History Tool!

One of the most powerful tools within the CropTrak Mobile App is the ability to review and edit forms that have been saved via the Data Entry History tool – also known as the paperclip icon:

There are three different Data Entry History workflows that allow us to search and edit (assuming you have Admin permission to edit forms):

  • by Farm – when you tap on the Data Entry History icon in the main menu or the pop-out toolbar WITHOUT selecting a specific asset or form to search for, the resulting search will show you forms filled out against the ENTIRE farm in reverse chronological order.
  • by Asset – to search for a specific asset or place, you must first select that asset on the map. Then tapping on the Data Entry History icon will return the number of forms you have selected filled out against that asset (again in reverse chronological order).
  • and by Form – this workflow is slightly different because instead of tapping on the Data Entry HISTORY icon, you tap on the Data Entry Buttonso we can open up the Forms Menu to access the form you are interested in finding. Once you find the form you want to search on, you tap on that form and scroll to the bottom of the form and tap on the paperclip icon at the bottom left hand side of the control panel:
    This will open up the numbered list menu that allows us to select how many forms we want returned to view – again in reverse chronological order.

Once you have the form open in the Data Entry History menu, you can scroll to find the form entry you want, and if you have permissions to do so, you can edit the form as necessary.

For more information on using the Data Entry History tool within CropTrak, go to CropTrak’s Support Portal to see a detailed written explanation complete with graphics.

As always check our website CropTrak.com for all the news about CropTrak’s ever growing capabilities and how they can help your organization farm smarter!

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