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Del Monte calls out CropTrak in John Holden film “Earth”

February 10, 2021 | Press

Recently, the series “Earth” with John Holden did a feature on sustainability with our long term client Del Monte! They dive into the processes and solutions needed to keep up with the demands of sustainability from seed to table. As part of that episode (starting at 3:29), CropTrak is shown as an essential tool in Del Monte’s sustainability efforts.

“Costco, Walmart, and Sysco are all looking for documentation for sustainability and traceability initiatives. We are looking to CropTrak to provide the information in a functional format while hoping to reduce time commitments involved in gathering data” Del Monte

Sustainability demands and traceability requirements are increasing for food processors as food distributors, and retailers require better accounting of farming inputs, their impact, and traceability of raw materials through the supply chain. For Del Monte Foods, this requires a solution that allows for convenient in-field, paperless collection of data in specialty crops across the U.S. Croptrak gives them the ability to connect with processing and warehouse systems to have the data to support reporting, traceability, and compliance needs.

“We are committed to helping food and beverage companies like Del Monte oversee every step of the food production journey so they can verify yesterday, monitor for today, and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow” Aaron Hutchinson – President, CropTrak

From processing and warehouse systems to  reporting, traceability, and all compliance needs, CropTrak helps Del Monte forge new paths in sustainability.