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CropTrak User and Database Key Admin From Anywhere – Version 8

CropTrak customers have asked us to allow them to manage users from the office desktop and in the field.  In response, CropTrak Version 8 brings CropTrak Admin functions to CropTrak Web.  Making it possible manage users and database keys from any internet connected web browser where ever that might be.

Do I need an internet connection?  CropTrak Web is a web app, so you will need a continuous web connection to use the new tool.

Is CropTrak Web safe?  CropTrak Web limits your users from accessing data that does not belong to them. CropTrak web adheres to the user admin settings for login, roles, and permissions already set up in your cloud database for your mobile users.  Data is always encrypted to protect it.

Can I export user data from CropTrak Web?  CropTrak Web does allow you to export user data into the excel format.

How do I enable CropTrak Web admin functions?  Have your database administrator contact the CropTrak support team and make a request once version 8.0 is released in the Apple Store.

What about the other CTAT admin functions?  CropTrak once released will get incremental releases of new functions to replace the Windows PC CTAT tool.  Look for releases that manage assets, manage measurement, manage user-tables, manage icons, manage chemicals, and more.

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