CropTrak Version 11 is live!

With Version 11, the CropTrak team set some ambitious goals, including:

  1. Enable a new user to learn CropTrak in a single day.
  2. Collect more information with fewer errors and less time than with paper and Excel.
  3. Increase transparency within your organization and with your growers and customers.
  4. Assure traceability even without the internet available.
  5. Centrally manage the crop side of the supply chain to enable better business decisions.

The CropTrak team achieved a significant step in simplifying our tools by reducing the complexity of menus and layers, adding more form flexibility, enhancing data entry verification, and adding complex rule-based business logic.

Together, these enhancements are part of the new Worklist technology. Worklists are a directed work experience that inherits an understandable Excel-style view while keeping the user focused on the work at hand. We call it a DIRECTED experience because CropTrak uses your business rules to assign tasks, notify users, and track progress across your operation.

In addition to being more intuitive to operate, CropTrak is also more powerful, adding new capabilities that let you do and learn more with CropTrak. Check out these new features:



  • Supply chain collection, processing, and decision-making tools.  Customers know CropTrak as a crop monitoring platform.  With Version 11 CropTrak expands to add flexible supply chain modules for pack-planning, digital contracting, electronic bill of lading, flexible grower payment engine, and interfaces to ERP systems.  Allowing for real-time insight into every step of the crop supply chain process for planning, reporting, and auditing by those who need to know.


Have Questions? Contact us to learn more about this version and how CropTrak can help your organization stay ahead of the competition through adaptable technology that enables and empowers your entire team. /  

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