CropTrak: InfoAg 2017 Takeaways

CropTrak: InfoAg2017 Takeaways
Technological innovation is leading Ag Industry changes.

Located in the historic Union Station in St. Louis, MO, InfoAg showcases the latest and greatest when it comes to PrecisionAg innovations for the row crop market. This year’s show was no exception in new ideas and upgrades. The major takeaway from InfoAg is that Agribusiness is drawing in huge amounts of IT solutions as the industry heads towards more technical/automated solutions. CropTrak is leading the way in that evolution.

Where is the industry heading? Many in the industry believe that the next generation of Agribusiness leaders will not only be heavily invested in the fine details of their technical solutions, but they will also be the ones pushing the industry for even better dynamic solutions including data mining, custom enhancements, real-time dashboards, etc.

How is CropTrak leading the way? CropTrak has been an innovator in mobile farm data management software since it started in 2009. Our founders came from the world of military GIS software where the software has to work absolutely every time and not lose data. Our background shows in the CropTrak mil-grade design and its robust set of features. Also in how we work with our customers to allow them to “farm their way.”

Our application connects people, machines, and sensors with a single customer tailored software package. CropTrak is the industry leader in flexible and custom deployable software solutions, by enabling zero-coding custom deployments based on how each team works, changes that include custom forms, reporting, dashboards, and more. This ability to tailor the app without coding is not an add-on capability – it’s built into the program and provided to every customer.


  • Use MyJohnDeere (and other equipment manufacturer’s) data in CropTrak
  • Scout planting and harvest zones
  • Print plant and harvest filings
  • COMING SOON! – Follow progress in the new CropTrak developed Web Reporting Dashboards.

See what it is like to farm your way by contacting our sales team for a demonstration.  


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