CropTrak Components


Collect. Verify. Report.

CropTrak optimizes farm-source data collection and presentation to drive strategic business decisions, improve traceability, and satisfy verification and sustainability reporting requirements.




The CropTrak platform consists of four components that optimize the collection and presentation of farm-source data. Standard modules include a web administration tool that makes it easy to manage users, data presentation and access; a native, map-centric mobile application that is easy to use and customizes language, currency and measurement units to each user; and a web-optimized data entry, reporting, and publishing portal that makes going from field to office seamless. The fourth component is an optional interface with internet-of-things (IoT) feeds that allow for monitoring field equipment, weather, irrigation, chemical use, soil moisture and conditions and calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

CropTrak Admin

Our web administration tools allow you to easily customize forms and reports, manage data collectors and users and choose how data is presented. Offering central control of in-field data capture and reporting, CropTrak Admin is an important tool for building executive dashboards and fulfilling verification and reporting requirements.

  • Personalize forms and interface to users and their devices
  • Establish data types and customize collection forms
  • Assign assets and resources
  • Manage user access to data

CropTrak Mobile App

First released in 2010, this award-winning risk management app was designed from the ground up to allow farmers to collect field data and make sure it got back to the office. It was one of the first agricultural data apps for the then brand new iPhone (a year before the iPad).

Today’s 8.0 version is used by Fortune 500 enterprise agricultural and food companies in more than 50 countries to secure real-time, accurate and consistently structured in-field data.

  • Native, map-centric application
  • Collect real-time data from all of your agricultural locations including from IoT -enabled equipment
  • Create, assign, and track work orders
  • Capture and report labor and equipment time
  • Online or offline data collection and calculation
  • User-specific custom data forms and filtered data
  • Measurement, language, currency customized to user device
  • Cloud-enabled collaboration, consolidation, reports
  • Full citizen application

CropTrak Web

Our desktop web application is the companion to our mobile app, allowing seamless work-flow between field and office. Farm, crew, agronomists and operational managers utilize CropTrak to manage and monitor field efforts to ensure all work is done and the data needs of supply chain partners and customers are being met.

  • Executive, manager, and user reporting
  • Access reports, dashboards, and data exporters
  • Enter and edit data online
  • User friendly Excel views of data
  • Manual and automated emails and FTP export
  • Start in field on mobile, finish in office on desktop

IoT Interfaces

CropTrak offers optional interfaces to automatically capture internet of things (IoT) feeds from leading partners to enhance data reporting.

No Coding Necessary

Customize all aspects of data capture and reporting to fit relationships and processes that are unique to your business.




Customer Profile: Del Monte Foods CropTrak Enables Field Gate to Dinner Plate Accountability
In the food production world today, there are growing sustainability audit demands and traceability requirements. Food distributors and retailers are increasingly requiring more information on farming inputs and the impact of those inputs on the traceability of raw materials through the supply chain. This requires a solution that allows for convenient in-field collection of data in specialty and conventional crop fields and the ability to connect with processing and warehouse systems to actualize data to support reporting, traceability, and compliance needs. For Del Monte Foods, that solution is CropTrak.
The Benefits of Working With CropTrak Improve Verification, Reporting, and Business Decisions
The solution to improving data capture, management, verification, and reporting is not more paper and printed spreadsheets. CropTrak replaces the need to fill out paperwork for records or requirements and speeds data collection. Being able to input data electronically saves time and improves accuracy because there is less chance for manual error.