How CropTrak Helps You During These Changing Times

No one can argue that we live in changing times. Technology moves at a frantic pace, and many of us struggle to keep up with the advancements and new knowledge that develops faster than we can assimilate it.

The Ag world is not immune to this – knowledge drives change in our industry. Some of the practices that were acceptable and codified into law 40 or more years ago are now known to be dangerous to consumers, the land we use to grow food, and indeed the farmers growing the food. So how DO you protect yourself against practices that were once considered state-of-the-art?

The answer is to document everything! In our litigious society, you MUST be able to show “good faith practices” that are in compliance with all regulatory requirements at the time of use. And CropTrak’s suite of products makes that easy to do. We help you efficiently collect data in the field, track chemical use, safety training, work orders, equipment maintenance and much more.

Contact our team to find out how we can help you limit your liability in a changing world!

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