CropTrak Sets the Bar for Tracking a Crop’s Entire Story including Carbon and Other ESG Elements


Agile Platform for Unique Supply Chain Solutions

As consumer interest in carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture increases worldwide, food and beverage companies are asked to document more of their supply chain efforts. They are now reporting on their progress to attain ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) targets, such as net-zero carbon operations.

CropTrak’s platform is designed to replicate complex organizational supply chains and adapt over time as data requirements and business processes change – including new ESG targets. The no-code platform has already been stress-tested by industry leaders to manage crops, contracts, equipment, labor, carbon, food loss, biodiversity, compliance, and more – across their supply chain and around the world.

Easily Track Carbon Efforts for a Competitive Advantage

With a single platform, your operation can track data for carbon metrics along with crops to deliver multiple bottom- line advantages and insights while doing your part to combat climate change. CropTrak can enable you to tell the story of your product to your customers, improve supply chain efficiencies, and continue improvements towards good stewardship objectives.


CropTrak’s Carbon Data Solution adds:

  • Verifiable data with high-level and granular information
  • Crop, location, and language agnostic platform
  • One data source for agricultural, financial, and sustainability efforts
  • Integrated with leading stewardship certification organizations

Deployed by the Best in the Business

From corn fields to orange groves, companies can confidently document their efforts to trap carbon, save water, and reduce nitrogen to offset other parts of the supply chain. With CropTrak, you can feel assured about your data quality using data entry business rules and our ledger-based architecture with auditable changelogs. Leverage support for open formats and APIs that mean you can maximize your existing data for improving your business, attaining certifications, and providing provenance for carbon markets or organic ones.

While many SaaS solutions are specific seed, chem, and carbon vendor tools, CropTrak is agnostic – ensuring our customers’ data independence for multiple choices in the future.

In addition to carbon, CropTrak also works with stewardship standards for food waste, water, GHG, social governance, food safety, and other ESG metrics.

Contact us to find out how much easier it can be to Track What Matters so you can simplify data collection and reporting now and be ready for the future.

Whatever tomorrow brings, CropTrak will Track What Matters

“More than ten years ago, CropTrak started by deploying soil sample apps, every year adding more customer requested capabilities, so that today our tools support some of the most complex global crop supply chains

in the world. Most recently, we enhanced
our solution to handle Sustainability
Reporting and Certification – deploying the enhancement in record time by leveraging our agile platform and treating carbon as another crop.”

Aaron Hutchinson
President & Co-Founder