Are Your Contracts Complete?


Is your team challenged with collecting, verifying, and reporting the status of your grower contracts with your organization, growers, and other stakeholders?

In the previous article we explored how CropTrak’s tools can increase accuracy and streamline communications between your teams and your growers and suppliers.

This week we will investigate how the Digital Contracting module addresses the issue of contract status transparency.

Specifically have your contracted growers done everything they are required to do for compliance verification? Most issues between growers and buyers are the result of incomplete or miscommunicated information.


Be confident that your growers have provided complete, timely, and verifiable contract paperwork. Ensure your growers know the current status as well using CropTrak’s intelligent solutions. Actively monitor and report granular contract status in real-time as it changes to both the grower and you.

Configure contract workflows that enforce business logic and rules to ensure your contracts are compliant for your operation. CropTrak’s digital contracts, like all workflows, use ledger tracking.  Verify every contract, change, and attachment, and let our tools tell you there’s a potential problem before it becomes a real problem. By providing track, trace, and transparency of not only the crop but also the contract and payments, you can improve operational efficiencies and communications.

Let CropTrak help you provide a traceable paperless path along the entire raw product supply chain – from contract planning to payments. Enable your operation to make improved, real-time decisions that could save you millions.


Join us next time when our discussion focuses on centrally managing your grower contracting process in our easy to use tools.

As always, feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about how our tools can be the answer to your growers’ meeting their regulatory compliance requirements.

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