Find the answers hiding in your ag stacks and spreadsheets

Technology is great, but at some point all of those apps and niche solutions become the problem. You need a partner who can help you see the whole picture and make all those individual solutions add up to something bigger.


by digitizing workflows, business
logic and data unique to each
supply chain with category
leading form-based software


to the specific needs of each customer,
eliminating technology redundancies
and seamlessly integrating with
third party applications


with industry leaders to
support a safe, reliable and
transparent food supply

Creating impact through dedicated service

Our single platform serves many unique customers, spanning plant genetics, row crops, permanent crops, fresh & processed foods, as well as farm asset and risk management firms.

Since 2009, we’ve helped nearly 100 customers improve their supply chain.

This year, we’re proud to have surpassed the half-billion mark in contract settlement payments to growers.

$+ million

Digital contract settlement payments with ERP integration

+ million

Actively managed acres

+ million

Unique managed farms

+ thousand

Unique managed fields

Partners in integration

The continuing satisfaction of our clients is among our greatest points of pride. Companies who begin a relationship with CropTrak quickly develop a level of trust and security in the service and value we provide. Just as it is in the field, we reap what we sow through the level of support we provide each day.

Customer Spotlight: Del Monte Foods

Sustainability audit demands and traceability requirements are rising for food processors as food distributors and retailers increasingly require better accounting of farming inputs, their impact and traceability of raw materials through the supply chain.

For Del Monte Foods, this requires a solution that allows for convenient in-field, paperless collection of data in specialty crops across the U.S., and the ability to connect with processing and warehouse systems to actualize data to support reporting, traceability and compliance needs.

“CropTrak has been a great strategic partner through this rollout from monthly to weekly calls and status. As far as implementation goes, they have been our biggest partner…”

Jaime Marin – Lipman Family Farms