CropTrak CEO Aaron Hutchinson has appeared in several podcasts discussing how CropTrak helps farmers and agricultural firms track the data that they need for better data-driven results.

Ag Tech Talks – Tracking the Future of Supply Chain with CropTrak


The past few years have proven the importance of managing and maintaining supply chains for the ongoing health and success of any business. Fortunately, there are tools available to help procurement officers make critical decisions. CropTrak is one such solution. CropTrak leverages decades of industry, data, science, process improvement program management and geospatial experience to help companies analyze, simplify and digitize their existing supply chains. In this edition of Ag Tech Talk, we talk with Aaron Hutchinson, CEO and founder of CropTrak, to learn how supply chain software solutions can improve the procurement process and help ensure continued supplies.

Modern Acre Podcast – Scaling an AgTech SaaS Platform with Aaron Hutchinson


This week we talk with Aaron Hutchinson of CropTrak about how he and the team have been building and scaling agtech saas across the food supply chain.