The 12 Days of CropTrak – 2021 Edition

Day 1 – Scan & Go with CropTrak

Our customers told us they have a problem keeping continuous traceability due to missing field connectivity. We found a way to overcome this challenge by using familiar technology in new and innovative ways. Our award-winning software supports QR code creation, sharing, and scanning – helping our customers overcome their data challenges.

The QR code works by embedding data from a form into a QR code. The QR code can be printed, emailed, photographed, and sent by text message. Once the QR code is shared and you arrive at the next step in your workflow, the QR code is scanned – which will AUTOMATICALLY open the target form, fill it out and wait for the receiver to enter any additional information.

Customers are already using QR Codes today in lab samples, document tracking, EBOL, field trials, storage tracking, and much more.

Scan & Go with CropTrak – it’s that simple.

Day 2 – Connect the Dots – Contact & Field Data!

When our food and beverage customers asked us how they could help their sales team better meet contractual obligations, we extended CropTrak to enable digital contracting and forecasting.

Our customers can now:

  • Place all the details, terms & conditions of a contract into CropTrak workflows and forms.
  • Signatures can be obtained directly with the device.
  • Approval workflows can be enabled, and the contract printed.

All using CropTrak technology.

The information can then be used in conjunction with field operations data to measure progress against commitments, giving your sales team what they need to make better contract decisions and by knowing the current status of any crop at any time.

Day 3 – Plant, Grow, Harvest, Inspect – Oh My!

When our customers harvest and receive their product, the work doesn’t stop there, and neither does CropTrak. Our customers have now extended their workflows into their packing houses and processing facilities – implementing scale receiving and quality inspection processes using CropTrak. 

They then populate their ERP with CropTrak settlement data, enabling traceability from the contract to the product and field data as well as the quality inspection results.  

Track what matters!

Day 4 – Out With the Old – In With the New!

Like the rotary phone, old tech seems to hang on even when you don’t want it to. That’s what happened to some of our customers and their AS400s. Happy with how CropTrak was helping them with their ag-centric data processes, they contacted us to help them move away from the old, un-supported, and difficult to maintain AS400.

Working with them, we developed a framework that enables the migration of contracting, forecasting, and settlement payment calculations through CropTrak and marrying up with their modern ERP financial system allowing them to retire that old tech and join the cloud age!

Day 5 – CropTrak’s Digital Scale Interface

If getting truck weight is part of the process, CropTrak can make it easy to capture weight and produce certificates in an integrated automated fashion. A direct connection to the scale with a one-button acceptance process to complete the form and your work is done.  

This streamlines the process and minimizes errors and produces accurate and trusted weight certificates with full traceability of field data through receiving and shipping functions. 

Day 6 – Ag Integrations and CropTrak

Smart tech has advanced beyond turning our lights on and off. Precision Ag has instruments and equipment that provide data about activities that are important to the decisions that guide your business. This data can be integrated directly into CropTrak, simplifying your collection and analysis processes. 

CropTrak has now integrated with the Leaf API expanding all the IoT connections you can use including:  

  • John Deere 
  • Climate Field View 
  • AgLeader
  • CNHi 

CropTrak is doing more to automate data collection to help you stay focused on building value with your farm data. 

Day 7 – Collect Once – Report to Many!

With a single platform, your operation can track data for sustainability and environmental metrics along with crops to deliver multiple bottom- line advantages and insights while doing your part to combat climate change.  

CropTrak can enable you to tell the story of your product to your customers, improve supply chain efficiencies, and continue improvements towards good stewardship objectives. Integrated data capture workflows enable customers to report to organizations such as:  

  • Field to Market 
  • Cool Farm Tool 
  • Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC) 
  • GlobalG.A.P.
  • The Sustainability Consortium  

While many SAAS solutions are specific seed, chemical, and carbon vendor tools – CropTrak is an agnostic and global platform, ensuring our customers’ independence for multiple choices in the future no matter where you do business.

Day 8 – Got Dashboards?

All your data is worthless unless you can explore and understand it. CropTrak includes enhanced dashboards tools that help you make sense of all that data – making it easier to make better business decisions.  

Example: CropTrak real-time dashboards used daily to: 

  • Forecasting demand and confirming supply will meet that demand. 
  • Tracking crop progress.
  • Track harvest and load arrival progress.
  • Inputs and sustainability impact/savings.
  • C-suite, marketing desk, and production summary status screens.
  • Contract progress. 

All real-time dashboards track and display your raw product data from contract to settlement, ensuring that you know exactly where you stand at every step in the process. Giving all the stakeholders in the process the data confidence that their responsibilities are being met. 

Day 9 – Receive, Evaluate, Authorize, and Settle It!

Settlement is the process of receiving crop loads from the grower, evaluating the load against the contract requirements, calculating the owed amount, authorizing the payment, and sending the information to the ERP system to cut the check.   

CropTrak has released a new module to handle Contract Settlement that ties together with our digital contract, digital scale interface, and QR code-based Bill-of-Lading modules helping to eliminate mistakes by automatically entering data into forms. Because we are working with money, the new module automatically audits 100% of the loads against the individual contracts to highlight any problems for effortless correction and happy suppliers.  

Our new module is built on top of CropTrak forms and business logic capabilities providing flexible configurations to match your workflows while still being cost-effective to set up and deploy. How much did you over or underpay your growers last year?

Day 10 – How Do You Feel About Audits?!?

There’s nothing fun about audits – but that doesn’t mean they have to be a burden. From food safety, processes, suppliers, and contract auditing – CropTrak gives you the tools and data you need to make sure your audit requirements are correctly tracked all year, easy to pull and clean. 

We have teamed with our customers to figure out how to save days, weeks and even months of time by integrating CropTrak and business processes to better prepare them for whatever audit requirements may arise.  

Day 11 – It Takes a Community!

At CropTrak we believe in what our customers are doing, and we want to do our part to help the communities in which they live and serve. One of the ways that we do that is by partnering with non-profit organizations like the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (also known as SISC). 

SISC’s mission is to help its community of growers, suppliers, and producers to feed the world and enable a more sustainable future. CropTrak has partnered with SISC to leverage our technology to help farmers and producers implement best practices based on science and measure improvement based on KPIs. 

The Stewardship Calculator 2.0 can be used to track on-farm water, energy/GHG, fertilizer use efficiency, and soil organic matter, as well as biodiversity, food waste, and irrigation efficiency. These SISC metrics help inform sustainability reporting as well as improve production plans and supply chain management practices. 

Day 12 – Looking Forward Into 2022!

In 2021, CropTrak released a new mobile platform that embedded the most up-to-date user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) concepts to make complex operating workflows less complicated. 

For 2022, CropTrak’s will focus our award-winning UI and UX team on the administrator tools and the second generation of Worklists. Look for:   

  • A more integrated work environment that presents tools “just-in-time” to make building, editing, and deploying faster and more intuitive. 

We will also continue to focus on user optimizations so look for:  

  • Expanded form capabilities so you can do more with fewer “clicks” and “taps” including the ability to add new geometry directly from a form-based workflow improving your workflow interactions.
  • Support for longer form item descriptions and even integrated html to improve the user experience.  

And the CropTrak Settlement Module will continue to evolve to help you with tasks like:  

  • Build workflows for you. 
  • Expand capabilities to integrate quality inspection and reviews.
  • Support directly connected (via serial port) and web-based scales to capture weight information easily and automatically. 
  • Easier auditing and reviewing of load data for settlement processing.
  • Settlement Reports using industry best practices.  

In 2022, you will be able to do more with less effort and still Track What Matters!