Taking on Technology
to Rebuild a Resilient, Secure and Transparent Supply Chain

This month, CropTrak had the pleasure of sponsoring Produce Marketing Association’s podcast series –  PMA Takes on Tech. Listened to by producers and food companies world-wide, Vonnie Estes hosts conversations with industry leaders who are leveraging new technologies to solve some of one of our most complex challenges – sustainably growing more nutritious food.

It’s our belief that no single technology solution will answer this challenge alone. Innovation is enabled through collaboration. By working together, our industry can ensure we meet consumer demand while stepping up to mitigate climate change.

Several of our partners, customers and friends are doing just that. Through this series, we were able to help share their technology journey – each is unique, but all are incredibly inspiring because of the potential impact.


A Few Excerpts:

The primary way we are going to get better – and help address challenges across the food supply chain ranging from food waste to labor – is through innovation that improves efficiency across the industry as a whole.

Justin Roberson,
Chief Administrative Officer
Lipman Family Farms

One of the things that keeps me up at night is how are we going to feed an extra three billion people with the same amount of land and keep everybody healthy and nutritious conscious. One of the ways is to start transforming our thought process from the traditional yield per acre and to nutrition per acre.

Zak Karlen
General Manager – Farms
Bolthouse Farms

How can we bring that story, that information, that data of that food along with the physical product as it gets to the consumer? I think telling that story really enhances and certainly improves the trust that consumers have within the food industry.

Anthony Kingsley
Head of Sustainability, Impact & ESG
Benson Hill

We need to communicate technology benefits in a way where consumers are brought along on the topic and not sold on the topic. Some technology is easy to understand, and consumers are 100% onboard and they’re frankly taking part. Some technology in the food sector is super interesting, but it’s also different for consumers. We need to be able to have a conversation with them, help them understand the value to the environment and to the food, and to welcome their conversation in the topic.

Dave Stangis, CEO
21C Impact

If you haven’t had a chance to listen, be sure to check out PMA Takes on Tech.