In continuing our mission to develop industry leading software that is used by many of the largest global companies in the food and beverage industries, our team has worked tirelessly over the last 24 months to bring a large update to the CropTrak software. This update encompasses both Web 6.0 as well as Mobile 11.0.332.

Web 6.0’s exciting new capabilities:

  • Moves Admin Tools from a window’s app to the web app itself.
  • Improves the reactive scale of devices from a desktop PC to your tablets in the field.
  • Optimizes performance to be 30-50% faster on every page.
  • UI/UX improvements to make the platform more understandable and inviting.
  • Lays the UI/UX groundwork for CropTrak Mobile into Web.

With CropTrak Web 6.0, we have made the platform even more user friendly, faster than ever before and better optimized no matter what device you are on or where you are located.

CropTrak President Aaron Hutchinson said of the release of CropTrak Web 6 “With this release, we’re uplifting the user experience to drive rapid adoption. In doing so we’re making the switch to CropTrak or adding new users, easier than ever. Now your team can get more done, more efficiently without wasted cost.”

Go here for full information on the details of this update. As alway, feel free to contact support with any questions you may have about this latest update to CropTrak Web.