CropTrak released a web platform some time ago, but we’ve been updating it this year to replace the remaining administrative functions from CTAT including the ASSET MANAGEMENT and FORM DESIGN modules. So, coming in January 2021, you will no longer need to use the old PC-based CTAT application. You will be able to access all your administrative functions from the web platform. And since it is a WEB tool – it can run on any device.

Web 6 adds the new FORM BUILDER function freeing administrators from the PC-Based CTAT application. Now you can update and add forms from any device using your browser.

Web-based ASSET EDITOR with more features to help your team better manage your geospatial data elements each year

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to add support for the Android phone to offer our international customers more device options. So, we released an Android supported version of CropTrak this year for selected customers that will be going global in 2021.

As part of the Android rollout, we also streamlined the mobile interface for both Android and iOS enabling consistent user experiences across both platforms with worklists, improved business rule integration and easier, faster workflows.


CropTrak in 2021 will continue to streamline the application and improve performance but will also be working on the following enhancements for 2021:

  • New Features to support workflow decision tools for more complicated business rules to help you get more done, in more places with more flexibility than ever before.
  • Mobile Improvements in 2021 will continue to focus on streamlining the interface for ease of use, maximizing performance to support more devices and looking at more ways to help you get more done with the tools you already use.
  • Web Enhancements including integrated dashboards, Infoview Editor, Binder and Worklist Editors. Our goal is to provide faster performance, more formatting options and integrated Tableau dashboards to help you get more decision-making analytics from your data.
(See a sneak peak of coming web features below)

Web updates in 2021 will feature a new, updated user manager that will make it easier to configure and manage roles and permissions.

Web updates also include a web-based editor for Infoviews providing more flexibility in where you edit and even a preview function.