We talked about QR codes in an earlier post and how they can help you share data even when you are offline. We have proven this approach with the deployment of an integrated printing solution using our patent-pending QR-to-Form technology and the Zebra ZQ520 mobile printer. The ZQ520 was used because it is designed for mobile workers needing a rugged mobile printer for use in the field.

Using CropTrak and your Bluetooth-supported Zebra printer, you can easily provide items like load tickets to your contracted drivers or place a QR code label on a bin for tracking your harvest from the field to your packing or processing facility and even into your cold storage facility.

We know you may still have to use paper. When you do, make it easy, use CropTrak and Zebra. Stay compliant, improve traceability, and increase transparency without adding complexity.

Click here for more information on using the Zebra ZQ520 printer in your workflow.