Infoviews have been around for a long time in CropTrak. But with the release of Worklists, Infoviews become even more powerful. When you create an Infoview, you can do things like have it check for specific information and then automatically add tasks to your worklists based on your rules.  

Infoviews can help you in many ways: 

  • Configure repeatable tasks so they automatically get added to your worklist,  
  • Ensure alerts are sent when people need to be notified,  
  • Provide real-time information to users like which fields are OK to enter and which ones are not,  
  • Adjust your forecast based on new scouting and yield estimate information,  
  • Make sure important information is collected at the right time
    … and more 

Infoviews are the CropTrak pocket assistant that can use your data to view, analyze and make decisions to help you accomplish more, without having to DO more. 

And coming in Q1 2021 is our new web editor for Infoviews (see above). The new and updated editor will make it even easier for you to edit, preview and deploy Infoviews to your users.   

Want to learn more about the power of the Infoview and how you can integrate your business rules into your workflows to save time and still stay on top of all your operational tasks? Check out our support materials or ask us. We’d love to help you learn how they can help your organization do more in less time