We’ve talked about worklists and how they can track and manage tasks, but they also have features that make it easy to know if something is partially done, or all done, based on your process and our Infoview features. 

In earlier versions of Infoviews, a complex calculation would need to be done in a USER DEFINED FORMULA in order to check for status. Since this was a common thing our customers needed to do, we created several functions in the Infoview to help you do this more easily. Infoviews have support for the DATA ENTRY MONITOR function which can let you know if a form has been filled out within a specific time period. But we also have a GLOBAL FORMULA for DONE/NOT DONE that can check specific form items. 

Infoviews can also access WEATHER information (weather option required) and spray activity information (CDMS option required). The GLOBAL FORMULAS provide many features that can help you in monitoring activities and when needed, the USER DEFINED FORMULA supports direct querying of data on the mobile device. 

  • The GREAT THING – Monitoring status has never been easier 
  • The GREATER THING Infoviews are continuously being updated to add more power, flexibility and analysis. When combined with our Tableau reporting workflows, CropTrak can provide full reporting and analytics capabilities. 

Click here for more information on Infoviews and the Done/Not Done global formula.