Does your operation need to manage tasks? Would you like to have CropTrak help make managing those tasks easier? Even if you are not currently using worklists or action items, the WORKLIST capability may be something your operation can benefit from. 

Work Orders and Action items are the old methods for assigning work to be done in your operation. But limitations in those methods prompted us to look at how we could improve – and SIMPLIFY – the task management process in CropTrak. 

We introduced worklists earlier this year but want to make sure you know how they work and how you can benefit from them as you prepare in the off season for 2021. Worklists are integrated with CropTrak’s existing Forms and Infoview technology to provide even more flexibility in configuring, managing and monitoring your data collection processes.  

When you embed your process logic directly into the workflow, your team can use the power of CropTrak to: alert them when activities need to be completed, or when something is not meeting your standards, as well as to forecast information. Bottom line – Worklists help you when decisions need to be made and so much more.  

  • The GREAT THING – you can embed your own processes, rules and formulas.
  • The GREATER THING – worklists give your team more power while simplifying the way they interact with the platform. 

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