Loose forms. That is how you could refer to the forms technology that gives our data collection platform so much power. But we thought you could do more with them if we gave you more power to embed your business rules and make loose forms work for you in a more task-driven way. 

That is WORKLISTS – click here for more information 

Use your existing forms in conjunction with your business rules (you can embed those in CropTrak too) and connect them up to worklists that can help you know status, send alerts, simplify entering data, and making sure users are selecting the right field/zone. This means even easier exporting can all be done in a worklist.   

And did we mention users only see the worklists you have assigned to them? As with all things in CropTrak, roles and permissions ensure users only see what you want them to see and now worklists help them see what they need to see, when they need to see it. CropTrak even has a tool to help convert your forms into basic Worklists making it even easier to start using this capability for your 2021 season. 

  • The GREAT THING – you can use forms you already have 
  • The GREATER THING – worklists add more power to help you maximize time, stay on track and see what’s next all while making the user experience easier, faster and more efficient. 

Click here for more information on configuring Worklists.