Can software be made more powerful and more straightforward to use? YES! CropTrak is always striving to improve our products and make them easier to use in your day-to-day operations. Much of these tool design improvements are YOURsuggestions and lots of user experience design and development.

After 24 months of research and engineering, we redesigned new versions of our mobile and web tools for release in Q1 of 2021 that directly address ease of use and simplification. The CropTrak team gave itself some ambitious goals for 2021, and has even greater ones for the versions that follow:

  1. Easy to use and learn: Make it possible for a new user to learn CropTrak in a single
  2. Error-free faster data collection: Make it possible to collect more information with fewer errors while consuming less time than paper and Excel, even faster than our previous versions of CropTrak.
  3. Data Transparency: Make it possible to track, trace, and audit all entered data in support of full transparency.

With this latest version, the CropTrak team achieved a significant step in simplifying the user experience.  We removed the complexity of menus and layers, increased form flexibility, enhanced data entry verification, and added complex rule-based business logic. To ease learning – phones, tablets, and web share common code and interfaces optimized for different devices.

Put it all together, and these features provide users with a directed work experience called Worklists that simplifies data presentation and understanding while keeping the user focused on the work at hand. No more searching for assets on maps and then finding the right form to enter data. Worklists automatically select the correct layer and form(s) for the directed assets. Data entry, editing, history, exporting, and basic reporting are now in one location, helping users see and get to the work they need to do with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Ease of use is what you wanted.  You asked for fewer clicks, fewer menus, simpler workflows – overall, “make it easier.” We heard you and what we hear from users is: “Now, that was easy!”