In our last article, we discussed CropTrak’s upcoming new releases in Q1 of 2021 that focuses on making tools that make every employee successful. This week’s discussion is a more indepth look at one of the elements that make CropTrak easier to learn and adopt – Worklists. 

 You asked for fewer tap and menus” – that lead us to rethink our tools from the ground up.  The outcome idirected work experience that makes it easier for managers to assign work, employees to know open work and location, and everyone to see the work status and take advantage of the data collected.  We call this new user experience Worklists 

Worklists make life easier for you and your employees while reducing errors and associated risksWorklists use existing customer workflows and business rules to duplicate your existing operational processes. Worklists tell (direct) the user what needs to have data gathered and present the specific form(s) to complete the taskThere’s no more hunting for which field, layer, block, form, etc. Just pick the item in the worklist you want to work on, and the workflow initiates it for you. 

To simplify even further, Worklists are the first thing users see on their CropTrak home screen. The updated, simplified interface ensures your users can stay focused and be productive with minimal training on the platform 

What makes Worklists even more powerful is that they can be used to channel your data gathering responsibilities through every part of your workflow – from Contract to Harvest Completion to payment auditing 

At the end of the day, Worklists are a more organized and centralized method to manage your data Easily implement the capabilities using our enhanced flexible and dynamic forms technology are ready for any process needing transparency, geospatial, and ledger-based capabilities. 

Do you prefer to work on your desktop rather than your iPad or phone? No problem – all platforms share common user experienceRegardless of your platform, CropTrak’s Worklists are accessed and use the same steps to complete your workflow. 

You asked for simple and powerful in the same package, and we heard you. CropTrak’s Worklists provide an easy way to keep your users on task, reduce errors, and mitigate risk for your entire operation. ​