Do you know where your raw product is right now, and where it’s been? 

In our previous article we discussed centrally managing your grower contracting process with our easy to use tools. This week we will be focusing on how you can know the who, what, when, where as well as the status of your crops and grower contracts and payments. 

Mitigate your risk by knowing what your data is telling you  as well as being able to make business decisions based on that current information. Be assured you have the suppliers and growers that will allow you to meet your contracted demand. Know the answers to these type of questions at every step of the process, from contracting your growers/suppliers to delivering the final product to the processing/packaging facility. 


CropTrak’s modules let you stop guessing and automatically track, trace and audit the status of every step of the process. The complexity of your organization requires real-time visibility of your raw product supply chain to better run the business. That transparency is the key to the success of your operation and making sure you have happy customers 

Tools like our mobile tool and QR code capabilities (see above graphic) allow you to monitor the planted/harvested progress & inputs by region, grower, farm, field, crop, variety and timing. Every entry and change is validated, recorded and tracked. 

Our AI tools make it easy to route data to those who need it and validate that the documentation is complete. This includes knowing where the product has been and making that knowledge available to all the key players in your organization. 

This means minimizing risk, making better/faster decisions, and enhancing collaboration and communication at a speed that can never be achieved using traditional or manual processes. 

When a penny per pound can mean the difference between making a profit or showing a loss, CropTrak can help you gain insight into where you can save those pennies and increase your profits.  


Join us next time when we will learn how our tools seamlessly integrate with SISC, Field-to-Market, Cool Farm Tool, and other sustainability calculators from around the globe. 

And as always, feel free to contact our support or sales team if you would like to learn more about how we can help you mature from track and trace to full real-time transparency.