Do you know what you are going to need to fulfil your sales, and when you are going to need it?

Data by itself is just data. Data becomes valuable when you use it to answer questions about your operation. Data history is a predictor for future needs in your operation. That history can be used to determine what you need to grow to meet your demand. Current data tells you if you are meeting that demand.

CropTrak gives you tools like our new Demand Planning Dashboards that answer those kinds of questions. For example, our Planning Compliance dashboard answers all kinds of questions including Target Capacity, Capacity Utilization, Demand Utilization. Amongst other things this data lets you determine Total Lost Capacity, Total Planned Acres, and the Total Acres required to Meet Capacity – useful data that tells a story about your organization’s past, present and future performance.

In fact, CropTrak’s new dashboards reporting capabilities make it easy to provide reporting at every step of the growing process – from initial planning through to delivery of the product.

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