Are you confident that you have enough raw product from your suppliers and growers to meet your sales demand?

In the previous article we addressed how to position your organization to achieve your ESG goals. This article will focus on meeting raw product demand.

One of the biggest challenges facing food producing organizations is making sure that their suppliers/growers can provide enough raw product to meet your organizations sales demand. Missing those targets can be both a contractual and financial risk for your organization.


It all comes down to Risk Mitigation. CropTrak provides a suite of dashboards fed by your data that directly address forecasting your demand as well as confirming that your supply will meet that demand. Tracking the logistics can be as easy as asking CropTrak to provide your C-Suite daily summaries of the information being received from your suppliers. That is in turn matched against the contracted demands agreed to with the food processors waiting to turn all that raw product into the food we eat.

These real-time dashboards track this raw product production from contracting to delivery, ensuring that you know exactly where you stand at every step in the process. This gives all the stakeholders in the process the confidence that their responsibilities are being met.


Join us next time when we explore some of the features contained in upcoming product releases as well as the expansion of our tools to the Android platform.

And as always, feel free to contact our support team or sales team if you would like to learn more about ensuring your raw product supply.