Do you contract with growers and suppliers to satisfy the raw material demands of your organization?

In the previous article in this series, we examined how CropTrak’s suite of tools assists you in planning and forecasting contract deliveries. This week’s discussion explores digital contracts with growers, suppliers, and haulers.

Better communications and transparency are the result of CropTrak’s unified environment. You can improve contracted partner relationships in new and powerful ways.

CropTrak’s second Enterprise module, “Digital Contracting,” uses technology to link, track, trace and share contracts and operational data throughout the entire season.

Connecting the internal buying team with the operation team leads to increased communications and data sharing with your customers–all with the goal of clear visibility and accountability in meeting demand and mitigating risk. (Change fragments.)


It starts with pre-existing templates that our team built in collaboration with recognized industry experts, following identified best practices. Our customers then pick the modules that are relevant to their operation. The templates can be used as-is, or our customers can leverage the flexible CropTrak environment to modify and deploy templates to match their desired workflows.

How did we come up with these flexible enterprise modules? When paired with our flexible and modular technology, we created a powerful toolbox that our customers have come not just to appreciate but to expect. This is who we are: a team of customer-oriented, problem-solving people. When paired with our flexible and modular technology, these new modules provide a powerful toolbox that our customers have come not just to appreciate–but to expect.


Stay tuned for next week’s discussion where we pay tribute to the Labor Day holiday and all the farmers, field workers, plant operators, and other essential workers who get food to America’s tables.

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