Remember when you needed a dedicated purpose-built device to manage field data?  We do.  We remember when you needed to have an iPad to manage field data, along with your phone to handle everything else. Multiple devices add to your expense and things to keep track of every day. We are here to help and reduce your stress.

Our last article announced support for the Android platform leveraging our Directed Work Experience called Worklists. That same CropTrak technology that made Android possible, makes it possible to work just as efficiently on your smartphone as with your tablet or desktop.

With our latest technology release, all you need is your Apple or Android phone to know what needs to be done, when to do it, and what’s completed. This significant update makes the phone in your pocket central to getting fieldwork done more efficiently and knowing more about your crops because of Worklists – CropTrak’s directed work experience.

CropTrak is a platform for real-time supply chain decision support and crop traceability that seamlessly takes advantage of your mobile devices outside and the web inside the office. Our intuitive platform works on your phone and tablet, even if disconnected, simplifying crop contracting, monitoring, and more.

The goal is to provide adaptable no-code software that seamlessly integrates your existing business practices and transparent data between your grower, internal, and customer teams – keeping everyone informed and working together efficiently.

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