Does your organization use more than one kind of contract with your growers and suppliers? Does that mean more training and multiple contract specific teams?

In our previous article, we discussed how business rules and requirements can be seamlessly integrated into your operation running automatically in the background. Our article this week focuses on contracting with CropTrak’s modules which provide greater adaptability and standardization of use.

Regardless of the situation, our tools allow you to create and verify the status of all of your contracts – even if they differ significantly from other contracts you may encounter with your growers, suppliers, and haulers.



We do this by standardizing the contracting process while still allowing for adaptation on the implementation of the process – regardless of the type of contract. We start with a template contract with best practice business rules already applied. Then we provide customer tools that allow customizations to match your specific business rules and contract language.

So, if your rule states that you need to have specific details that the basic contracting form doesn’t have, the tool can be configured to provide that additional level of data collection and even will “walk” your users through that additional step to ensure all the right data is collected based on your procedural rules.  Every step of the way documenting the who, what, where, and when the data is being entered and changed for later audits and traceability of the contract.

This flexibility allows you to adapt “on demand” to changes in the business environment, assuring the new business rules are being applied every time.



Join us next time when we will explore how CropTrak can help you mature from track and trace to full real-time transparency for your team, growers, and customers.

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