CropTrak Exhibits at the 2020 Sustainable Ag Summit

CropTrak is please to be a part of the virtual 2020 Sustainable Ag Summit taking place from November 18 to 19, 2020. The purpose to is gather some of the best minds in agriculture to work together towards making food safe, affordable and, or course, sustainable.

When it comes to sustainability it’s important to have a solution that allows for convenient in-field collection of data. Our customers need a solution that has the ability to connect with processing and warehouse systems to actualize data to support reporting, traceability and all compliance needs.

CropTrak is a platform for full-scale, real-time supply chain data collection and management. Our solution works on Android and Apple mobile devices, even if disconnected, simplifying near real-time data collection regardless of field location. The platform allows users to easily customize how data is formatted to make better strategic business decisions and satisfy verification and reporting requirements.

Contact us if you’d like to receive a personal invitation to visit our virtual booth, and check out CropTrak’s sustainability solutions as well as finding out how CropTrak can help your team.

Everybody Has A Phone!

Remember when you needed a dedicated purpose-built device to manage field data?  We do.  We remember when you needed to have an iPad to manage field data, along with your phone to handle everything else. Multiple devices add to your expense and things to keep track of every day. We are here to help and reduce your stress.

Our last article announced support for the Android platform leveraging our Directed Work Experience called Worklists. That same CropTrak technology that made Android possible, makes it possible to work just as efficiently on your smartphone as with your tablet or desktop.

With our latest technology release, all you need is your Apple or Android phone to know what needs to be done, when to do it, and what’s completed. This significant update makes the phone in your pocket central to getting fieldwork done more efficiently and knowing more about your crops because of Worklists – CropTrak’s directed work experience.

CropTrak is a platform for real-time supply chain decision support and crop traceability that seamlessly takes advantage of your mobile devices outside and the web inside the office. Our intuitive platform works on your phone and tablet, even if disconnected, simplifying crop contracting, monitoring, and more.

The goal is to provide adaptable no-code software that seamlessly integrates your existing business practices and transparent data between your grower, internal, and customer teams – keeping everyone informed and working together efficiently.

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Android Is Coming!

In the last article, we talked about how you can use the power of Worklists to optimize managing contracts, teams, tasks, and data. This week’s discussion is about your request to have the CropTrak tools available on Android.

International customers are already using Android CropTrak. In Q1 of 2021, CropTrak will release our newest software with Android support to all Enterprise Customers. It features an identical user experience no matter the device or operating system, so you can learn once and use the right device for you.

The standard interface on Android, iOS, and Web is faster, more flexible, and more intuitive. It is available on more devices, so it works on the device you already own.

Regardless of where your organization operates on the globe or the phones/tablets that your team uses, CropTrak will allow you to keep your users on task and reduce errors.

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Worklists – Making Data Collecting Easier!

In our last article, we discussed CropTrak’s upcoming new releases in Q1 of 2021 that focuses on making tools that make every employee successful. This week’s discussion is a more indepth look at one of the elements that make CropTrak easier to learn and adopt – Worklists. 

 You asked for fewer tap and menus” – that lead us to rethink our tools from the ground up.  The outcome idirected work experience that makes it easier for managers to assign work, employees to know open work and location, and everyone to see the work status and take advantage of the data collected.  We call this new user experience Worklists 

Worklists make life easier for you and your employees while reducing errors and associated risksWorklists use existing customer workflows and business rules to duplicate your existing operational processes. Worklists tell (direct) the user what needs to have data gathered and present the specific form(s) to complete the taskThere’s no more hunting for which field, layer, block, form, etc. Just pick the item in the worklist you want to work on, and the workflow initiates it for you. 

To simplify even further, Worklists are the first thing users see on their CropTrak home screen. The updated, simplified interface ensures your users can stay focused and be productive with minimal training on the platform 

What makes Worklists even more powerful is that they can be used to channel your data gathering responsibilities through every part of your workflow – from Contract to Harvest Completion to payment auditing 

At the end of the day, Worklists are a more organized and centralized method to manage your data Easily implement the capabilities using our enhanced flexible and dynamic forms technology are ready for any process needing transparency, geospatial, and ledger-based capabilities. 

Do you prefer to work on your desktop rather than your iPad or phone? No problem – all platforms share common user experienceRegardless of your platform, CropTrak’s Worklists are accessed and use the same steps to complete your workflow. 

You asked for simple and powerful in the same package, and we heard you. CropTrak’s Worklists provide an easy way to keep your users on task, reduce errors, and mitigate risk for your entire operation. ​

You Asked – We Heard You!

Can software be made more powerful and more straightforward to use? YES! CropTrak is always striving to improve our products and make them easier to use in your day-to-day operations. Much of these tool design improvements are YOURsuggestions and lots of user experience design and development.

After 24 months of research and engineering, we redesigned new versions of our mobile and web tools for release in Q1 of 2021 that directly address ease of use and simplification. The CropTrak team gave itself some ambitious goals for 2021, and has even greater ones for the versions that follow:

  1. Easy to use and learn: Make it possible for a new user to learn CropTrak in a single
  2. Error-free faster data collection: Make it possible to collect more information with fewer errors while consuming less time than paper and Excel, even faster than our previous versions of CropTrak.
  3. Data Transparency: Make it possible to track, trace, and audit all entered data in support of full transparency.

With this latest version, the CropTrak team achieved a significant step in simplifying the user experience.  We removed the complexity of menus and layers, increased form flexibility, enhanced data entry verification, and added complex rule-based business logic. To ease learning – phones, tablets, and web share common code and interfaces optimized for different devices.

Put it all together, and these features provide users with a directed work experience called Worklists that simplifies data presentation and understanding while keeping the user focused on the work at hand. No more searching for assets on maps and then finding the right form to enter data. Worklists automatically select the correct layer and form(s) for the directed assets. Data entry, editing, history, exporting, and basic reporting are now in one location, helping users see and get to the work they need to do with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Ease of use is what you wanted.  You asked for fewer clicks, fewer menus, simpler workflows – overall, “make it easier.” We heard you and what we hear from users is: “Now, that was easy!”