Digitizing Food Company Supply Chains

Make informed decisions with Accurate, Complete, and Real-Time data.

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Customize field data capture and reporting to fit your needs.

No coding necessary.


Remotely contract and monitor growers worldwide with mobile devices, supporting offline.

Eliminate paper and Excel processes.


Unleash the power of CropTrak anywhere in the world with multiple languages.

Language and Unit Localization.

Collect. Track. Verify.

CropTrak enables companies to easily collect, track, and verify data along their supply chain to drive strategic business decisions, improve traceability, and satisfy verification and sustainability reporting requirements.

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Serving Companies that Rely on Farmers

Improve decision-making and risk management.

Agriculture-reliant supply chains are complex and data-rich, involving interactions between producers, buyers, input suppliers, processors, insurers, manufacturers, and retailers that are critical to business success. The CropTrak platform enables companies to easily collect, track, and verify data along their supply chain.



Food & Beverage

Commodity Origination & Processing


The Right Technology for Making Informed Decisions Knowing what You Need to Know on the Journey from Farm to Table
On the journey from farm to table, many datapoints factor into the information you may need to know if there is a breakdown in the supply chain. For example, if the weather is causing a grower’s crop to mature more slowly or makes it more challenging to harvest, you need that information at your fingertips so you can secure supply from an alternate source.
CUSTOMER PROFILE: DEL MONTE FOODS CropTrak Enables Field Gate to Dinner Plate Accountability
Food distributors and retailers are increasingly requiring more information on farming inputs and the traceability of raw materials. This requires a solution that allows for convenient in-field collection of data in specialty and conventional crop fields and the ability to connect with processing and warehouse systems to actualize data to support reporting, traceability, and compliance needs. For the Vegetable and Tomato Divisions of Del Monte Foods, that solution is CropTrak.
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