Harvest the rewards of healthier supply chain management

Digitally define, document, and manage your entire supply chain with our adaptive platform, created solely and specifically to meet the unique needs of the Food and Agriculture industry. End the confusion, shed light on unseen challenges, and realize a new level of efficiency, transparency, and opportunity.

Deploying CropTrak requires no coding experience and can easily consolidate paper forms, spreadsheets, legacy software, and real-time tracking. Our workflows integrate with your everyday tools and can easily be configured to match your current processes.

Gain insights and protect your brand, from seed to sale

Plan, Plant, and Grow

— Field & Asset Management
— Trials Management
— Digital Contracting
— Field & Production Management
— Supply Planning & Allocation

Harvest, Haul, and Deliver

— Automated Data Capture
— Digital Contracting
— Logistics Management

Weigh, Grade, and Pay

— Weights, Grades & Payments
— ERP Integration
— Compliance & Audit Reporting

Track, Trace and Tell

— ESG Survey Management
— Data Insights & Analytics

Our expert team has successfully deployed CropTrak for multiple Fortune 500 F&A companies, helping them evaluate, digitize, and simplify their existing data management systems.


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“CropTrak allows us to accumulate all of our ag data from starting the crop, contracting, all the way through until it’s being dumped at the plant.
For traceability and sustainability processes through the whole growing season, we use the CropTrak platform for everything we need to do.”

Randy Pequignot - Del Monte Foods

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